• Family health care, 
including diagnosis 
and treatment of major 
and minor illness
    Family health care, including diagnosis and treatment of major and minor illness
  • Family health care, 
including diagnosis 
and treatment of major 
and minor illness
    Family health care, including diagnosis and treatment of major and minor illness

We are honored that you are considering us for your health needs. Sun Life offers continuous and comprehensive health care to the individual and the entire family. Our services include family practice and women's wellness, along with dental/orthodontic services. In addition to providing care when you are ill, we also help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle and work with you to prevent illness. We look forward to establishing a great patient/provider relationship.

To speed up your registration process, please complete the registration and history form prior to arriving for your appointment.

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A primary care provider (PCP) is a physician, physician assistant or a nurse practitioner, all of whom have received a license to practice medicine. Your PCP is your main health care provider in non-emergency situations, and often involved in your care for a long time, making it very important to select someone that is the right fit for you. Your PCP's role is to provide preventative care and teach healthy lifestyle choices, identify and treat common medical conditions, and assess the urgency of any medical problems. Should you need specialty care, your PCP can direct you to the best place for specialty care, making referrals to the specialist when necessary.


Along with the above forms, patients are asked to bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  • Driver's license and most current health insurance card(s). Without proper identification from you, the insurance provider may deny the claim, and you may be responsible for the charges.
  • Medical records (if transferring from another healthcare provider)
  • A list of all the medications (prescribed and over-the-counter) you are currently taking. Our staff will update your medications in your Sun Life medical record.
  • Immunization records (for children): Please include originals and copies from previous healthcare providers.
  • If your insurance requires a referral, please have your approved referral at the time of your visit. All fees are due at time of service. We accept cash, check and credit cards.



The Notice of Privacy Protection details how medical information about the patient may be used and disclosed, as well as, how the patient may gain access to their medical information. Please click on the following link to review the Notice of Privacy Protection


Every minute counts when you're in the doctor's office, and it's easy to forget to ask all the questions you intended to ask, or speak up about your concerns. While it's hard to squeeze in extra time when everyone's on a tight schedule, you can make the most of what time you do have in your doctor's office. Here's how.

Be prepared. Don't go to your office visit empty-handed. Bring along a list of the questions and concerns you have, and a pen for writing down the answers. Also bring a list of all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter, prescription, and vitamin and herbal supplements (or you can bring a bag with all of your medication bottles with you to show your medical provider). Do you have allergies? Be sure to list those, too. And be ready to answer questions about your family health history.

Speak up. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor to repeat information or explain something more clearly. If the doctor has given you specific instructions, repeat them back, so both of you know you understand what you need to do.

Bring a friend. Doctor's visits can be overwhelming—there's often a lot of information to digest. Ask a friend or family member to come along and take notes for you; then you can concentrate on what the doctor is saying.

Be honest. If you haven't been taking your medicine or haven't been adhering to the diet you were given, let the doctor know. He or she can suggest options that might fit your lifestyle better.

Know what's next. Make sure you know and understand the steps you need to take to achieve your health goals. Do you need to schedule a follow-up visit, fill a prescription, or arrange for further care? Get the answers before you walk out the door.


If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, it is very important that you call us as soon as possible to cancel/reschedule. This will give us an opportunity to offer your appointment time to another patient. Additionally, with your cancellation noted, our records will reflect that you do not have a history of missed appointments.


In order to provide you prompt service with the physician of your choice, it is best to call to make an appointment. If you need to be seen immediately, and do not have an appointment, you may be seen as a same-day patient with your provider's physician assistant (based on availability). You can simply walk in or call ahead if you want to decrease your wait time.


If you feel that you are experiencing a medical EMERGENCY, go to the hospital's Emergency Department, or call 9-1-1.


When you're dealing with a chronic health condition, you're probably seeing your doctor, or multiple doctors, regularly. You need to be especially organized in order to take advantage of every appointment. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

  • Have a plan. Either you're feeling great and want to stay that way, or there are areas that need improvement. Make sure your doctor knows what you want to get from your treatment, and what your short and long-term health goals are.
  • Pinpoint problems. Bring a list of three or four very specific issues you want to discuss with your doctor. Don't be vague about how you're feeling; note how specific medications and/or activities make you feel.
  • Coordinate your care. If you are seeing multiple doctors, don't assume they are communicating with one another. Make sure your doctor knows about any other healthcare providers you're seeing, and pass along any relevant information, such as what tests you've had and what issues you and your other providers are dealing with.
  • Write it down. Take notes and ask questions. Don't leave your doctor's office with unanswered questions. Once you get home, you may want to input your medical notes into your computer, or create a medical records notebook that contains your notes, test results, etc.
Feedback Survey

It is our goal to ensure that your visit(s) with us is pleasant, and we always appreciate hearing how we do in meeting your expectations. Click on this link to learn more about our survey, and how you can help us help you.

Language Services

If you speak a language other than English, language assistance services are available free of charge. Call 1-520-836-3446 (TTY: 1-866-425-0217).

ATENCIÓN:  si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística.  Llame al 1-520-836-3446  (TTY: 1-866-425-0217). 

You can also find additional language services for Deaf, hard of hearing or have difficulty speaking at www.azrelay.org/relay-services/voice-calls

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